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Message from the President

I would like to thank you all for coming out and making this year’s March Madness event the huge success that it was.  Our Fun in the Sun night broke all our previous March records with more people attending – more games played – more (and better) food served and more funds raised.   Thank you to everyone teachers, parents, volunteers, students and everyone who helped fill the classroom baskets you all helped support the Home and School and it is appreciated!

Your Home and School is now gearing up for our Second Annual Parenting Conference and we couldn’t be more excited.  Since last year’s inaugural workshop we have heard back from so many in the community about what a great day of learning it was.  This year we have taken that enthusiasm, paired it with the experience we gained last year and we have high hopes for an even greater event this year.  Based on last year’s success we have booked even more YMCA childcare staff, so the kids will be well looked after while you are in session.

Please check out the article above and be sure to click the live link to the registration page so that you don’t miss out any of the exciting learning sessions that are offered

Until next time, I’ll see you on the playground.

Andrew Burke-Hall

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