Art Created at the RHM Parent Conference

Art Created at the RHM Parent Conference

Letter from Tanya Gerber (the RHM parent and artist who created this fascinating image):

Hello all! Thanks so much to those of you who made today’s parenting conference happen – and for ensuring that it be the success that it was. There was sponsorship, enthusiasm, appreciative parents, thoughtful coordination, timely, relevant and well prepared presentations. It was a pleasure to support the event by graphically recording the key note message.

Alyson Schafer was exceptional. I’ve since viewed her website and been impressed by the clips of her other presentations too! ( check it out if you’d care to!)

Attached is an image of the graphic recording intended for sharing with those who attended and parents and others who weren’t able to come.
Please circulate widely… many at the conference requested it and I promised to have the H&S pass it along to people, thank you.
( I’ve also sent it to Alyson, at her request.)

Just as in life, our school community goes through rough patches from time to time, which admittedly, are felt more deeply by some than others. Days like to today help encourage me and remind me that, like our children, who get up when they fall, move forward past their imperfections, and strive to grow, learn and thrive…. we have a fantastic school community and so much commitment, talent and generosity to be thankful for and to work from and with.
Thanks everyone– it’s great to be part of this RHMcGregor community!

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