Opportunity to Write Letters to Administration about Student Placement – Deadline May 17th

Message from Administration:

September 2013 Student Placements

As in past practice, school staff will commence the process of placing students in classes for the next school year. This task takes place over several weeks and involves consultations with teaching and support staff, administration and input from parents and guardians. The placement of students is based on a number of factors such as:

  • age distribution
  • academic ability
  • work habits
  • teaching/learning styles
  • peer relationships
  • boy/girl ratio
  • positive leaders
  • special needs
  • teacher recommendations
  • resource team recommendations
  • parent information

We are one of the few schools that actively solicit parent input as to the unique qualities of your child that contribute to ensuring we form balanced classes that have the above-mentioned characteristics. Even though final placement decisions remain with the school, you are invited to provide input regarding your child and submit it to the Principal, Mr. Hadley, by May 17th. Please consider the strengths and needs of your child, their optimal learning environment and/or any other information you feel would be helpful of which we are not aware. Please keep in mind that requests for specific teachers will not be considered. Once placements are made, because they involve confidential information about multiple students, we will not be able to provide detailed reasons for specific placements beyond sharing the factors above.

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