Mr. R. Reads – Some great books for your kids over the summer!

Mr. Riddell McGregor Matters

Earlier this year, the kids participated in several reading programs in the library.  Here are reviews of several of the books to give you a taste of the rich Canadian literature that the children are being exposed to.

Ella May and the Wishing Stone
Cary Fagan, Geneviève Côte

Blue Spruce Reading Program

This is a beautiful book about a girl who brings back a stone from the beach that has a line going all-all-all the way around it. She decides because it looks so special that it must be and believes that it grants wishes. Soon she is bragging about the stone and lording it over her friends.  She soon learns that keeping the stone to herself is costing her what she most holds dear, her friends.  She finally wishes that she had never found the stone and uses her wit and imagination to win her friends back – thus granting her own last wish.  This book touches on friendship, imagination and selfishness in a fun and refreshing way.

Aujourd’hui, peut-être…
Dominique Demers, Gabrielle Grimard

Prix Peuplier

There was once a little girl who had decided not to grow. She lived alone in a house at the edge of a huge forest, with her bird. Thus begins the wonderful story of a girl who waits for love. Grace with the purity of her dream, and confidence in it, brave thieves, the big bad wolf, and even a wicked witch.

The Mighty Miss Malone
Christopher Paul Curtis

Silver Birch Reading Program
“We are a family on a journey to a place called wonderful” is Deza Malone’s family motto. Deza is the smartest girl in her class in Gary, Indiana, but each member of her family stands out in their own way.  But The Great Depression hit Gary hard, and there are no jobs for black men. When her beloved father leaves to find work, Deza, Mother, and her older brother Jimmie go in search of him, and end up in Hooverville outside Flint, Michigan. Jimmie’s beautiful voice inspires him to leave the camp to be a performer, while Deza and Mother find a new home, and cling to the hope that they will find Father. The twists and turns of their story reveal the devastation caused by the Depression and prove that Deza is truly the Mighty Miss Malone.

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