Message from The President: Thank you Claire Argyropoulos!

We would like to thank someone who provides a service that we would all be lost without.   For the past 6 years Claire Argyropoulos has been running and serving our pizza lunch program.   As a parent I know how much we look forward to those mornings as a day off from making lunch.   What we don’t see are the countless hours Claire and her team put in collecting forms, placing orders and serving pepperoni slices and cheese slices along with juice, milk and chocolate milk.  

In her time at McGregor Claire has overseen serving an astounding 192,240 slices of pizza along with 36,720 cartons of milk and 8100 juice boxes.  Put another way – if you were to stack all those slices end to end they would stand as tall as 53 CN towers, and it would take a cow 367 days to produce all that milk. The pizza lunch program is the single greatest fundraising program we have ever had at McGregor, it directly contributes to supporting numerous programs for our kids and we couldn’t do any of it without Claire.    On behalf of all the parents at the school I want to thank Claire for her time, her effort and I want to thank her for lunch!

Andrew Burke-Hall


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