An Update on the RHM Heritage Garden

heritage garden

By Liz Taves and Andrea Keech

The warm weather has arrived and we are looking forward to another great month of gardening.  Three grade three classes have been planting the gardens for the past month.  The students have planted peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers, basil, marigolds and onions in the main garden.  Please come by to take a look at the growing plants.  While you are looking make sure you walk on the brick paths so that we don’t trample any of the new growth.

In our new pumpkin patch, we are actually creating what is called a Three Sister’s Garden – corn, beans and pumpkins.  The native people developed this successful combination of planting.  The corn provides support for the beans to grow up, the beans produce nitrogen for the soil, and the pumpkin/squash cover the soil with vegetation which keeps down weeds and slows water evaporation.

Our plant exchange in May was very successful.  Thank you to Marcy Burchfield for organizing this event.  Thank you to everyone who came by to say “Hello” and get and/or give plants.  We look forward to doing it next year.  Pictures of our plantings and events can be found at the McGregor Garden website:  The website is password protected, so email us if you are interested in checking it out at

Now that it is warm, you can add all of the warm weather crops to your garden.  Tomatoes, peppers, corn, beans and basil all love warm weather.  Don’t forget that you can plant succession crops every 2 to 3 weeks to provide a steady supply of your favourite vegetables like carrots, lettuce, and beets.  If you would like some fall vegetables try planting spinach and lettuce during the last week of August.

Enjoy a summer of fresh food from your garden or local market!  See you back here in September.

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