Summer Groceries from Donate Naturally!

Heritage Burger

Only a couple of weeks of school left, but no doubt you are well into the
summer barbeque season.

If you’re looking to add some healthy options to
your standard fare, why not look to Donate Naturally, and their BBQ bin –

  • beautiful Grandview Homemade Organic Angus burgers,
  • delicious ALL-BEEF hotdogs,
  • healthy All-Chicken hotdogs,
  • Simply Natural Organic Ketchup & Mustard as well as
  • Neal Brothers All Natural Classic BBQ Sauce!
  • Add in some fresh organic strawberries and a
  • pint of Harmony Organic 35% whipping cream.

All these products can be delivered to your home free of charge – and the
best part is that 15% of your order will go back to RH McGregor. Check out
the BBQ bin at, along with the many other natural,
organic and diet specific products they offer. And don’t hesitate to call
them if you have any requests!

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