Staying Organised this Summer with Lovable Labels

summer LL2

Summer vacations + Sleep away camp + Overflowing lost and found bins = Lots of labelling opportunities!

Tired of looking for misplaced shoes and clothing? Shocked by the  size  of lost and found pile at school and daycare?  Buying labels is an investment that will help ensure that your children’s belongings, old and new, don’t get lost or confused with someone elses. Lovable Labels are also great for labeling your children’s sports equipment, toys, dance outfits….and much much more!!

If your children can lose it, you can label it!

Lovable Labels provides parents with an easy way to buy quality personalized labels for your children’s belongings….and the best part is you will be supporting our school too! We will receive 20% of all orders placed through our fundraising website!

Your fundraising website: is running and ready to process orders at any time!


If you have any questions, please contact Danielle at

or 1-866-327-5683 Thanks!!

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