Feature Teacher: Interview with Susan Proudfoot


How long have you been teaching at RH McGregor and what are some of your fondest memories here?

This is my 14th year teaching at RH McGregor, before that I taught at international schools in Argentina, El Salvador, Honduras, Aruba, and Curacao. I’ve taught everything from Grade 10 biology to Grade 4 class room but my favourite is Physical and Health Education.

Some of my fondest memories were seeing the grade 3 gymnastics team perform, 14 years of hopathons, and the first year of ballroom dancing with my grade 5’s as well as all the wonderful years of Track and Field and Cross Country. In the winter, another great memory was our Winter Olympics week in the snow. I also loved seeing the grade 4/5 girls touch football teams come together as a team and get a few touchdowns.

My all time favourite was the year that Madame Lavis and I played an April fool’s joke with a grade 5 puberty test.

What do you love about being a physical education teacher?

I love being able to expose the children to as many sports and activities as I can. I enjoy seeing a child’s confidence grow as they gain co-ordination and physical literacy. Every child has a talent for something, whether it’s flexibility, agility, strength, hand-eye coordination, speed, endurance etc. It is rewarding to find a natural talent that the child does not know about and to encourage them develop their talent.
Tell us about some of the favourite physical activities you like to do?

I love to ski and skate as well as do zumba and latin cardio classes. I enjoy windsurfing, hiking, sailing and rowing. I was on the ETT dragon boating team for the last couple of years. Back in the day, I was on the University of Toronto’s Varsity Rowing and Track and Field teams, which is why I have a passion for rowing and track.
Tell us about the Cross country team’s accomplishments this year?

R.H. McGregor had a fantastic season this past fall. We had a record number of students come out for the team. I am especially proud of the fact that all of the runners completed their races. The kids who came out, for the first time in grade 4 and 5 were especially brave and impressive.

We had 21   runners qualify for the city Championships. Our grade 3 boys team place first at the Cities and our grade 4 girls team also placed first. City Champions! That is another great memory I will never forget.

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