News from the McGregor Garden

heritage garden


Welcome back!  I hope you and your family have had a chance to tour the garden this fall.  A big thank you to the families, who watered, weeded and harvested the garden this summer!  Currently we have sunflowers blooming, sage, peppers, lettuce and coloured corn growing.  The spinach planted by the Grade Three students during the second week of school are just coming up.  See if you can find them.  The first leaves (cotyledons) that you see are long and narrow.

Our plan is to cover the new spinach plants with leaves or straw to keep the plants warm over the winter.  In early spring, we will hopefully have great tasting spinach!  One of the grade three classes will be taking on the task of identifying and labelling the trees in our schoolyard.  The classes will also be using the corn for fall decorations.   Unfortunately our pumpkin was picked in late August, but we can give it a try again next year.

This year we are making plans on how to improve the garden including working towards extending the fall and spring growing season and planting native plants to encourage more birds and insects into the school yard.  We will be planning a garden work party this fall to clean up the garden, as well as a plant exchange at the Fall Fair.  We continue to post and update our website:  with events and happenings.  Please email us with a note about who you are, and we can invite you to join the site.

Our own gardens are starting to slow down, but there are still vegetables to be picked.  As your vegetables finish, you can prepare your beds for the spring by removing the old vegetation and adding compost.  A layer of straw helps to protect your soil over the winter, and also can be used as mulch for new plants in the spring.

Be sure to enjoy the fantastic fall produce at the Farmer’s Markets!

RH McGregor Gardeners


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