Cross Country Meet tomorrow Oct 10th at Ashbridges Bay: Message from Susan Proudfoot

TDSB Zone Meet at Ashbridges Bay.

Thursday  October 10th

NO TRAINING SESSION on Wednesday October 9th  


If you are a parent taking your child to the meet please ensure your child has their number written on their right hand in permanent marker- number found in attachment


Thursday runners should come to school at 8:40am. Parent  volunteers meet in conference room at 8:30am



The runners will get into their groups and proceed onto the school busses. The grade 2 & 3 bus will return to school at approx 12:30. The Grade  4 and 5 bus around1:30.

There are a lot of people at these meets, please ensure that your child listens carefully to the instructions of the coaching staff, and his\her parent supervisor. .

A Few Tips for the Runners on Race Day

For your child’s safety and well being, please review this list with them.

-Eat a good breakfast the morning of the race

– Please bring warm clothes (winter coats, sweats, gloves and a hat) with you to all the meets. It can be very cold and windy at Ashbridges Bay.

– Bring extra shoes if it is raining.

-Bring a packed lunch with lots to drink. There are no snack bars at the race sites.

-We will  be handing out race t-shirts on the morning of the race

-Let your parent supervisor know where you are at all times.

– If you are not racing right away do not run around the grounds, save yourself for your race and enjoy yourself after.

Do not eat 2 hours before your race.

– Drinking small amounts of water before the race is fine.

– You are responsible for being ready to race. Shoes tied, R.H.McGregor t-shirt, , shorts, etc. EpiPen or puffer on you  for the race.

– Stay warm and dry before your race.

– Be ready 10 minutes before your race, and ready to meet with your parent volunteer at the start line.

– When you finish your race please come and see Ms Proudfoot  

– Dress in warm clothes and get something to eat and drink.



The meet will start at 10:00am  with grade 1’s racing then with grade 2 girls then grade 2 boys, grade 3 girls then grade 3 boys etc.

* Start times run APPROXIMATELY 15 – 20 minutes apart

Even if you’re not a parent volunteer it would be great to see you down there cheering on the kids. The more cheering the better.


The tent will be on the north side of the boardwalk about 100m before the finish line so that we can be cheering on all the runners as they come in.


Team photos at 9:50 am

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