What is the Home and School and What does it do?

Last week we had our first annual General Meeting with the Home & School Association (HSA), the School Advisory Council (SAC), and the Administration (Georgia Chatzis, Vice Principal).  We had a record turnout of parents, and it was great to see new faces and hear new ideas.  Attached is an article written by our HSA President, Andrew Burke-Hall, speaking about the nature and function of our organisation.

At R.H. McGregor we are very fortunate to have two strong branches of Parent involvement.   The first is the School Advisory Committee or SAC.   This group of parents liaise between the school, the administration and the community on academic matters – you can read more about this year’s SAC in the column written by SAC president Tamara Daly in our September newsletter.

The second branch of parent involvement is the Home and School Association –The R.H. McGregor Home & School Association raises funds that go directly towards financing our school’s extracurricular activities. These activities include visiting local attractions, science workshops, field trips, anti-bullying presentations, safety seminars, sporting events and more. All of these activities serve to enrich our children’s’ education and broaden their experiences. The Home & School Association raises these funds through event based fundraising activities – Pizza Lunches, Fall Fairs, Movies Nights etc.  We prefer to make the fundraising a community activity that always gives something in return for your donations.

At the beginning of the year, we also reach out to the community and seek your membership in the Home and School Association; members attend and vote at our quarterly general meetings – but your membership fee also helps us get the year started so we can support extracurricular activities even before our fundraising events start.  Please note – as it states on the form sent home, as a McGregor parent you do not need to be a member in order to have your name added to our mailing lists or class lists, you only need to be a member if you wish to be able to vote at our quarterly general meetings.   The majority of the $20 fee ($15) is passed directly on to the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations (OFHAS) of which we are a member. This provides us with insurance and the ability to legally raise and distribute funds back into the school.

Last year through our fundraising efforts we were able to fund over 90 extra-curricular activities for the classes, support sports teams, chess clubs, intergenerational education programs as well as hosting our second annual parent conference and much much more.  This year we anticipate even more requests for funds which can only enrich our children’s school experience that much more.

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