Live Band, The Nite Owls, to perform at the Fall Fair!

We are excited to announce a musical addition to Saturday’s festivities.  The Nite Owls will be joining us around 10:45am for a special performance at Spooktacular 2013!  I just heard that RHM alumni, Isabella Aspiotis, will also be performing! Here’s a little info about the band:

Once upon a time, Jackman Public School dad and long-retired musician Andrew James said, “I wish I could relive the joy of my youth and start a new band”.  It turned out that other Jackman parents with a surprising amount of musical experience were having similar longings, and Nite Owls was born. Playing a mix of soul, pop and rock from yesterday and today, they made a smash debut at the 2013 Jackman Harvest Festival. Members include Christopher Robertson (keys, vocals) Mark Daprato (drums)  Phil Triadafilopoulos*  (guitar), Maria Saras-Voutsinas and Liz West (vocals) along with Andrew on bass.  *Guest guitarist Greg Azeff will be performing at the RH McGregor Fall Fair.

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