A Look Back


A Look Back

By Andrew Burke-Hall

Last year, while doing some much needed cleaning of the Home and School supply room, we unearthed a collection of hardbound, hand written notes and minutes from R. H. McGregor Home and School meetings dating back as far as 1956.   Throughout the year, we will be reprinting memorable passages from our school’s rich history.   Our first piece is from 50 years ago; Lester B Pearson was the prime minister, gas cost 25 cents and General Hospital had just premiered on TV.   Enjoy!
September 10, 1963
Executive Meeting­­
The Sept. executive meeting was held in the school with Mrs. Adamovits presiding.   There were 19 members present. Mrs. Adair opened the meeting with the reading of the Home and School prayer.  A warm welcome was extended by Mrs. Adamovits to all members present.  Minutes of the May meeting were read and approved.   The treasurer’s report was read.   Profits from the white elephant sale $91.71, profits from the play day $71.12; bank balance as of August 31st $206.65.
Mrs. Adair extended a welcome to Mrs. Adamovits and expressed our pleasure at having her back in good health following an operation during the summer.  
            Correspondence included thank you notes from Mrs. Tetley, Mrs. Fraser, the family of the late Mrs. Ruttan for flowers and from the East York women teachers for the use of the Home and School dishes.   Notices were read from the Art Gallery regarding free tours and from the Red Cross – a schedule of blood donor clinics – a safety bulletin and French classes for elementary school children.   Mr. Hooper paid tribute to the memory of the late Mrs. Ruttan who dies July 29th.   There are now 230 new pupils registered in the school this year.   Three new teachers have joined the staff:   Miss Eisen – Gr 3, Mrs. Preston – Gr 2 and Mrs. Lawson – Jr. Opportunity.  There will be no remedial reading teacher in the school this year – Ms. Perkins has retired.   The last four rooms on this floor have been tiled and acoustic tiles put on the ceilings.    Landscaping of the playground is to be completed this week.
            Mr. John McInnis, general consultant for the Board of Education will speak on the subject “English in the Primary Grades.”   A letter has been sent to WGR regarding the film “Say no to a Stranger.”   Simpsons and Eatons have sent material for aprons and doll clothes.  
            Mrs. Chillman grade mother chairman reported that new grade mothers were needed.   Mr. Edwards fathers representative is considering as speaker for Fathers night a gemologist Max Savard who teachers gemology to gifted children.
            The skate sale will be held on Sept 25, skates to be brought in the day before; Mrs. Buchanen to convene.  On Friday Mrs. Adair and Mrs. Adamovits brought a small plant to each new teacher to show them they were welcome.  Grade mothers’ tea is to be held Thursday October 10th – Mrs. Chillman to convene.   Mrs. Whittaker will look after the money for the night out – 25 cents per month.
            The meeting was adjourned and refreshments were served.
                                                                                                            Winnifred Roy
                                                                                                            Recording Secretary 

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