The McGregor Garden: A Fall Update

McGregor Garden

It’s getting chilly out there, but our garden continues to delight in small ways. The Grade 3s were recently out in force doing some weeding and helping to protect the spinach (planted mid-September) against the cold snap. They cozied up the new shoots with piles of leaves, which will help until we can get some plastic covers over them.

Our corn patch was harvested and delivered to the Grade 3s to explore and decorate the classrooms. The stalks, parsley, and flowers were put to good use as decoration at our super Fall Fair. At the fair, we had a Garden Information/Plant Exchange table to promote the garden and encourage volunteers and interest in the website.

Work continues on ways to extend the gardening season at McGregor, and keep students involved, now that summer’s over. We had a successful meeting with consultants from the school board – who were very impressed with our well-treed and well-used school yard! – about potential ideas.  These include: raised beds, themed gardens, and some trees and seating on the path leading to Durant. Our next step is to put together a site map of the existing garden space and then a plan of what we might like to create.

If you’d like to get involved in the garden, or just follow our news, please contact, leave us a note, and we will invite you to join our website:

In the garden, Autumn is indeed the crowning glory of the year, bringing us the fruition of months of thought and care and toil. And at no season, safe perhaps in Daffodil time, do we get such superb colour effects as from August to November.

– Rose G. Kingsley, The Autumn Garden, 1905

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