News from the McGregor Library

Howe’s Your Book?

By Christine Howe

Library Helper News
Thank you to the 26 Library Helpers who are assisting during morning recesses.  They are Grade 5’s from Madame Jalland’s
and Mrs. Wolk’s classes.
These students have received their schedules and will be helping out until the end of December 2013.
R.H. McGregor students borrow more than 2000 books per week!
The Library Helpers are helping to run our library by checking books in and out, shelving books and learning organizational skills.
Thank you for your help!

Fabulous Reading Events!
A few noteworthy events:
The Forest of Reading is Canada’s largest recreational reading program where young readers select the winners!
The nominated titles were announced on October 15th.
Check out this year’s nominees.
TD Canadian Children’s Literature Awards celebrates excellence in children’s literature by rewarding the best literary work
by Canadian authors for children aged one through twelve. Sponsored by TD — this is one of the largest prizes in children’s
book awards.  Learn more at:
Research and Inquiry as part of our Library program
Research and Inquiry are integral to Ontario curriculum in all subject areas.
While subject expectations are expressed in a variety of ways, they all identify aspects of the inquiry model, and require students to:
-formulate questions to guide research
-access, select, gather, and critically evaluate information
-synthesize information to draw comparisons and conclusions
-create and communicate new knowledge
(Ontario Library Association, Together for Learning:  School Libraries and the Emergence of the Learning Commons, 2010, p. 24)

Inquiry based learning opportunities are being explored as a part of library instruction at R.H. McGregor.
Classroom teachers and I are planning collaboratively to support and provide instruction in student inquiry and research skill development.

Happy reading and learning to all!

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