Gingerbread House Fundraiser for the Daily Bread Food Bank on Friday Dec. 13, Drop in from 3:45-7pm

Message from Russell Smith:

The Gingerbread event began at our home when I used to make each house from scratch.  I would make enough dough for 20 or so houses and spend days preparing them.  The goal was to have the families on our street get together for a few hours with each other and help the kids decorate them, and celebrate the season.  We then started raising the awareness of families that were not as fortunate as we were during the year and especially the holidays.

The opportunity to work with the RH McGregor Home and School Association and bring our event to a much larger audience while keeping the goal of gathering families together during a very busy time of year for all was all we needed.  The increased volume required additional sourcing of supplies and have been able to purchase the supplies at a discount from the Bulk Barn, now on the Danforth.
The Daily Bread Food Bank has been the recipient of our efforts for many years and continues to this day.  Each year we have increased our donation through the wonderful support of the RH McGregor school and it is great to see the families get together.  This past year we contributed over $2,200 towards fighting hunger in Toronto.
The average family who uses the food bank pays 71% of their income towards housing, which leaves very little for the basics in life, including food.  Here is a link for some Toronto statistics about hunger in our city:  In a city so rich in culture which drives Toronto’s diverse food choices, it is unfortunate that anyone has to go hungry, especially the children.
By the numbers – $25 will provide a family of 4 with enough food to supplement their groceries for two to three days.  $50 helps 8 people go to a food bank so they don’t have to go hungry.  Consider our donation of $2,200 – 352 people did not go hungry this past year.  What a fantastic accomplishment with your support.  Thank you.If you would like to join us on December 13th, please click here to register and pre-order your gingerbread house and refreshments.  Gingerbread Houses can be taken home to enjoy (we’ll send you home with icing and candy to decorate) in case you can’t stay for the event.


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