A Look Back: R.H. McGregor in 1956

A Look Back

By Andrew Burke-Hall

This month we continue our historical look back at the recently unearthed collection of hardbound, hand written notes and minutes from R. H. McGregor Home and School meetings.   Throughout the year, we will be reprinting memorable passages from our school’s rich history.   This month’s selection is from the earliest entry we found in the collection – December 12, 1956. Fifty eight years ago bread cost 18 cents a loaf, Louis St. Laurent was the Prime Minister, the New York Yankees defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series and Elvis Presley debuted on the Ed Sullivan show.   Enjoy!

December 12, 1956
General Meeting­­
The  December meeting of the R.H.McGregor Home and School Association was held at the school with Mrs. Sullivan presiding.  Christmas Carols were played and sung. Mrs. Sullivan opened the meeting with a special Christmas prayer, the minutes were read and adopted.   The Treasurer’s report was read – Bank Balance $146.58.   Mrs. Porter, convener of the Bake Sale announced a further sale of corsages.   Miss Kinkaid called on Mr. Hoffman, The Girls Volleyball Team and the Boys Soccer Team.  She congratulated them on winning the championships and presented the cups and awards.

Mrs. Anthony introduced Dr. Hogg; our school dentist.  We now have a better understanding of dental hygiene. Mrs. Sullivan thanked Dr. Hogg.   Mr. Hoffman’s senior choir entertained us with several selections, Miss Vickers accompanied at the piano.  The president thanked the Choir and said there would be a treat for them downstairs. Mrs. MacDonald, our religious education chairman read the Indian version of the 23rd Psalm,  she then introduced Mr. Smith our guest speaker. Mr. Smith of Greenwood Gospel Hall gave a timely Christmas message. Mr. Ross, Father’s representative thanked Mr. Smith.

Mr. Shewfelt wished all greetings of the season.  He brought our attention to the parcels to be taken to the patients in East General Hospital.  These have been made up with money brought in from the school children.  The ladies parcels had a little corsage made by Mrs. MacDonald.   Mr. Shewfelt proudly displayed his red cross pin.   These pins were awarded to only 3 principals.  They were presented in consideration of our 100% child participation in Red Cross work.
Miss True Davidson brought Christmas Greetings from the Board, Mrs. Sullivan returned the greeting.   Mrs. Porter announced parent attendance prizes were won by Miss Houston – Kindergarten, Miss Binns – Juniors and Mr. Compton – Seniors.   Mr. Allen made an announcement regarding Father’s Night in January.  He invited all fathers to make a special effort to attend.
The meeting adjourned and refreshments were served in the girl’s playroom.

Recording Secretary
Arline Niecs

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