A Very Successful Gingerbread Fundraiser for Daily Bread Food Bank!

Message from Russell Smith
The Gingerbread Fundraiser for the Daily Bread Food Bank, hosted by the R.H. McGregor Home & School Association, was an amazing success and could not have been completed without the help of the volunteers, the coordinating efforts of Amreen and the help of my wife and my two wonderful children who helped complete the 250 bags of icing.
This year I arranged for the houses to be pre built which not only saved time, but saved my new mixer from early burn out from making so much icing the years before.  Although more expensive per unit, the time saved allowed us to make the event more successful during this busy time of year.
We sold over 150 gingerbread people.  We also sold close to 100 houses.  Pretty amazing going into Friday with only 130 people and under 60 houses to sell.  Next year we’ll have to arrange a few more houses, but definitely more people.
The cheque we are sending the Daily Bread Food Bank is $2,623.28.  Considerably more than last year’s total of $2,200.
By raising these funds we are able to support a family of 4 to supplement their daily food needs for over 250 days, or an individual for over a year – 419 days.
For more information please see additional statistics from the Daily Bread Food Bank.  http://www.dailybread.ca/learning-centre/whos-hungry/whos-hungry-2012/
Congratulations to all the volunteers who helped though out the planning, organizing, preparation and the day of the event.  Congratulations to all the families who were able to get together and enjoy the time spent with family and friends on Friday December 13, 2013 at RH McGregor.  A big thank you to the care taking staff to continually attend to the gym through the night.  A big thank you to RH McGregor for their continued support of this event and the Home and School Association.
The families of Toronto appreciate your efforts.

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