Feature Teacher: Mary Triadafilopoulos

RHM Mary T Feature Teacher

Q. Why did you become a teacher?

A. I became a teacher for many reasons but primarily I became a teacher because I love kids. As the first born daughter in my family I remember playing teacher. I was the eldest and so by default, I was the teacher. My siblings and cousins played along … for awhile. I suppose it all continued from there.

Teaching has allowed me the privilege of working with hundreds of kids and their families. My teaching degree has allowed me the opportunity to work in international schools in Germany and the United States. I’ve worked with talented and inspirational colleagues and learned much along the way. My years abroad give me a solid appreciation for the city of Toronto and its education system. Seventeen years as a teacher have also meant 17 years as a student of education. I continue to enjoy learning about teaching and how students learn. There is an endless supply of new data and research that I like to try out. Being a teacher continues to be (mostly) fun for me and so I remain a teacher, and proud to be one.


Q. What is your most memorable teaching experience?

A. There are many memorable experiences. Over the years, there have been some high highs, lots of belly laughs, butterflies and the occasional tear. For me, the most memorable days are the first day of school.

When I taught first grade at the Berlin International school students arrived with a large cone filled with beautiful school supplies and treats. Extended families came along for the momentous occasion. The beginning of school is a huge celebration in Germany and I was treated like a celebrity. There were numerous photos, high fives and brunch… a true celebration of learning!  This first day was the most elaborate in my career and it stuck with me. No matter where I am teaching, the smell of the air, the feel of newly sharpened pencils, and the smiles full of promise on the faces of students, parents and colleagues is energizing. Truly, learning is something to celebrate!

Last September I joined the McGregor family and enjoyed one of the warmest and most memorable welcomes ever. Thank you.


Q. What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of the classroom?

A. I am the mom in a busy family and love it. My kids keep me busy with skating, hockey, soccer and piano practices. As a family, we enjoy travelling to new cities and spending time at our family cottage in Parry Sound. My monthly Book Club allows me the time to do two things that I love – talk about books and spend time with dear friends.


Thanks for reading.

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