Today is last day to order pizza for April 17th pizza lunch

Today is last day to order pizza for April 17th pizza lunch

Pizza Lunch: If you would like to order pizza for the rest of the term please place your order now to ensure you do not miss out for the April 17th lunch. Today is the last day to order for the April 17th pizza lunch, and the last day to drop off cheques and money in the office for that lunch.  If you are unsure about whether you have placed an order for this term, please follow the steps below to access your account history.

1) Login in to

2) Your account homepage will show your account history

3) Click on the arrow in the column that says “save a copy” next to the date of the order your wish to view – this will open a PDF of your order.

4) If you have not yet ordered for term 3 pizza lunches, click on “order lunch” – Please note we have made ordering easier by only having to select one menu per child that will automatically be copied to all pizza lunch dates until June. Before you click “submit” you will be able to “de-select” any dates you do not wish to order for. (this means your child’s order will have to be the same for each lunch)

5) If you prefer to “pay as you go” you must place separate orders for each lunch (de-select all the dates you are not ordering for each time). Payment must match each order exactly or it won’t show up on my reports.

Please remember that pizza lunches are only possible with the help of parent volunteers…if you can spare some time please select the dates you are available to help out by clicking on “Volunteer”. Thank you!

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