If you want to continue as a Parent Volunteer at RHM (and we want you to!) please read this to find out about the new TDSB requirement for Police Checks

This is Principal Promislow’s Flash about the Police checks for Parent Volunteers. It’s important information for our parent volunteer community.  The forms for the Police Check are now included in the FORMS section of this website:



Here is a special flash:

Volunteer Police Reference Checks: As many of you have read in the news, TDSB is requiring all parents who wish to volunteer in schools next year to have police reference checks.  We will be receiving more guidelines on this in the future, but in the meantime if you plan to volunteer at the school next year, please start the process asap, as it can sometimes take 12-13 weeks or longer to get clearance.  Volunteering includes any activity where you are working with children, for example, in the class, on trips, pizza lunch, Fun Fairs, movie nights, bingo nights etc.  We do not want to risk not having these activities next year because we don’t have enough volunteers with Police Reference Checks.

I have attached the form and the information page or you can pick them up at the office, or ask your child to pick them up to bring home.  If you are printing from home please make sure it’s on 8.5 x 14 (legal size) paper or it will not be accepted by Toronto Police Services. Once complete, please return it to the office with a certified cheque or money order for $15.00 payable to Toronto Police Services.  We will send it in to the TDSB.

***This is an addendum to the last flash… in terms of paying for the Police Reference Check, you also have the option of bringing in $15.00 cash and we will write a cheque from the school.  As it can cost up to $10.00 to have a money order or certified cheque issued from a bank… this might be a better option.***

On behalf of the students and staff … Thank you for volunteering!  This school would not be the same without you!

From Trustee Dandy…: This is a reminder that Ward Council is coming up on Tuesday, April 29. It promises to be an interesting meeting, so I hope you will join us to find out more, and to have your say about the things that matter to you! We will have a special guest, and there will also be a discussion of a hot topic that affects all of our schools.

Special Guest: As a parent this is your opportunity to meet Donna Quan, Director of the TDSB, and find out more about the big picture of what’s happening in Toronto schools and the directions we’re heading. The Director will make a presentation about our strategic plan and will be available to respond to your questions and comments.

Discussion Topic: You may have heard about ‘police reference checks’ in the news lately. We will be discussing the effects of criminal reference checks on the role of parent volunteers in schools. When should parents be obliged to get a reference check? Are they effective? Why are there such long wait times for the results to come back? Who should pay? Come out and express your view on this important subject.

Here are the meeting details:

Ward 15 Parent Council Meeting

Tuesday April 29, 7-9 pm

Monarch Park CI

(one set of lights south of Danforth & Coxwell, SW side)


Childcare will be provided.

Have a fabulous day! 






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