Stunning New Mural at RHM depicting the Greenbelt

We now have this spectacular new mural in the front hallway of the school!!

RHM Mural


working on mural

On Monday June 9, 2014 we had an artist, Katherine Laco, join us at R.H. McGregor.  Katherine and over 300 students participated in the design and creation of the beautiful mural pictured above. Below is a brief description of Katherine’s work. She is also a part time classroom teacher and supervised the students when the work was being done.

Info Re Greenbelt Mural project.

My name Is Katherine Laco, I am a teacher and Artist and have initiated a project with the Friends of the Greenbelt to inform students about this 1.8 million acres of preserved environmentally sensitive land and productive farmland in Ontario.
There is no cost to your school, to have me come and work with your students to create a professional quality mural depicting the Greenbelt including locally grown food, animal habitats, and human enjoyment of the greenspaces. I come to your school once a week for aprox. three afternoons and work with up to 30 students at a time to design and create the mural. I can work with any age group. The Friends of the Greenbelt pay for all the paint, brushes and my time. Our project has been photographed in newspapers and the Alternative Journal environmental magazine. The Greebelt Mural Project is in its third year and we are presently booking schools for April, May and June of this year.


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