The team has prided ourselves on giving back to the community and providing weekly grocery delivery to families across the GTA since 2011. We are excited to be focusing on a new initiave in the form of seasonal fundraising drives using!

You can visit to see what we have been working on. We will be phasing out the weekly grocery deliveries effective June 1st to focus on this new initiative. We are asking our valued customers to please leave all Green bins and bottles out for pick up on the week of June 1st . We will be cutting final donation cheques and mailing them out within the next 2 weeks to the organizations. Effective June 1st, website will be re-directed to We invite you to continue fundraising with us using this platform as we launch our Spring BBQ, Thanksgiving, Holiday and Back to school fundraising drives!


We will be clearing out all inventory at an exclusive offer of 50% off regular price to DN customers! This offer excludes fresh produce, milk, eggs, Organic Select products, hummus, pesto, cheese, meats, yogurt.

Please use the coupon code: clearance50 at checkout to take advantage of this offer. You have up until May 27th to take advantage of this offer. If you do not wish to shop online, you may email us a list of products and quantities you are interested in purchasing or call the office at 416-461-0350.

We recommend using Organic Food Delivery( to continue your weekly grocery deliveries if you wish to do so. Organic Food Delivery delivers in your area and provides excellent service and quality of produce.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at 647-588-1771or email me:

We thank you for your business and look forward to helping you with your fundraising efforts in the future!


Order your Organic and Natural Meat and for the same price as your local butcher you can donate 20% back to the school, charity or cause of your choice.

Jasmin von Teichman

cell (647) 588-1771

Fundraise While You Shop!
Please consider the environment prior to printing this email

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