McGregor Wired 2014/2015 Update to the Parent Community

It’s been a great first year and kick-off of our McGregor Wired campaign.

McGregor Wired

Click here for a full report of the campaign. 

Here is a summary of our 2014/2015 accomplishments

  • In the first year of fundraising we were able to support the school in purchasing: $11,304 – Purchase of twenty 32GB iPads for $9,280 and a charge cart for 30 IPads for $2024.
  • Set a solid foundation through five planning meetings, where we looked at direct call-out to parents for fundraising, grant applications, benchmarking and TDSB policies
  • For 2015/2016 our focus will be on raising enough funds to purchase a cart of 30 notebooks.  We are currently evaluating whether these will be Macbooks, Chromebooks or other suitable notebooks depending on the resources available.


Please visit us at the County Fair and feel free to ask any questions you may have and Get Involved!

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