Are you ready? One Week until School Starts!


With just one week until the kids are back to school here’s a few tips to have a smooth transition:

  1.  Label all your kids gear unless you want to spend countless trips to the Lost and Found.  Backpacks, lunch bags, lunch containers(lids and bases) and even shoes can be lost.  You can pick up easy stick labels through Lovable Labels and help support our school in the process.
  2. Start resetting your kids bedtime now.  Try slowly moving their bedtime back by 15 minutes a day until the desired school night bedtime.  By Labour Day you will be adjusted back to a normal school schedule
  3. Plan lunches ahead of time.  Spend an hour or so on Sunday getting fruits and veggies ready for easy lunch packing throughout the week will make lunch packing easier to a hectic work week. Check out these 25 Easy Lunch ideas and these tasty bites: Double Chocolate Lunchbox Bites
  4. Haven’t done any school shopping?  Don’t sweat it.  A great strategy to saving some money is to do shopping after school starts.  This way kids can see what their friends are wearing and key in on a few must have item
  5. If you are new to RH McGregor be sure to check out our New Parents page and our KindergartenHandbookJUNE2015
  6. Consider volunteering this year at the school.  Even if your schedule is really hectic, finding an hour here and there can really make our school even better.Volunteer2

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