Home & School Proud to Support

Home & School is proud to be supporting two exciting programs for our kindergarten classes in December and January.

  • Kindergarten Art Workshop by Walnut Studios: Blank Canvases


An artist educator from  ‘Walnut Studios‘ will be coming to do a special art project involving acrylic paints with our kindergarten children.

Throughout December and January our kindies will be participating in the “I Can Be a Scientist” workshop.

Scientists in School was founded on the principle that students learn best when they get to be the scientists – doing science instead of just reading or hearing about science. In fact, the name Scientists in School does not refer to the science experts we bring into your child’s classroom; rather, it refers to the students themselves. During Scientists in School workshops, your children become scientists in school.



Did you know: Fundraising is an important activity at McGregor and requires the efforts of all members of the community. Funds raised through the various fundraising events provide the staff with the opportunity to plan programs that will enrich and enhance the curriculum that is delivered to the students.  For more information about where Home & School fundraising monies are spent, please come to a  meeting or contact the one of our executive members.  If you’re interested in volunteering click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1u92XwdK6ek7LMeAgQiGPvDohAo9Gpfyv7HQQiGxImQo/viewform



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