Call for volunteers to help with Syrian refugee families

A message from the Danforth East Community Association


As you know, our Sleep Out For Syrians helped raise around $30,000 towards sponsoring a Syrian family to come to Canada. The money all went to The Neighbourhood Group, which decided to increase its goal from 2 to 3 families (or 2 very large families), in part because of our contribution.

We’re so excited to report that Friends of The Neighbourhood Group has surpassed their fundraising goal of $150,000. Amazing, right?

They have let Lifeline Syria know they’re ready to sponsor families, so it’s time to start getting our community ready!

The two — or three – families could be here as early as in the next couple of weeks. Many of you expressed a desire to help out more. Well, here is your chance. They are in need of volunteers in the areas listed below. Are you, or someone you know, able to give time to assist these newcomer families? Take a look at the needs below and get in touch. To find out how you can help please call Lina at 416-691-7407 or email her at

The Friends of The Neighbourhood Group will provide information and support for volunteers.

Volunteer Positions

Interpretation (Arabic/English)

  • Will be required at various times during the day/evening. Flexibility is appreciated
  • Assist with completing documentation, accompanying to assorted service organizations and government departments
  • May also be asked to provide written translation



  • Drivers with clean vehicles to provide transportation at various times during the day. Evening and weekends may be a requirement
  • Drivers with larger vehicles for multiple passengers are welcome
  • A thorough knowledge of the GTA is helpful



  • Will help with purchasing and assembling basic furniture items such as sofas, beds, and tables
  • Connecting with stores for discounts on items
  • Connect with the Furniture Bank for various household items
  • Purchase phone(s) and pre-program with contact information


Shopping for clothing, food and other supplies

  • New items only
  • Connect with clothing stores for donations and discounts on various clothing items
  • Assist with collection of NEW clothing donations


Settling children in school and childcare

  • Determining what schools are in the neighbourhood and what services are offered, e.g. English for newcomers
  • Connect with school settlement workers.
  • Assist with finding daycare with eligibility to provide subsidies
  • Connect with schools and create information package about the school e.g. welcome package

Connecting with cultural and religious centres

  • Researching suitable cultural and religious centres
  • Provide information about various religious centers within the immediate area


Family Recreation activities

  • Determine the Family’s interests
  • Locate recreation facilities nearby
  • Assist with application for Welcome Policy Toronto – an annual fee subsidy if qualified
  • Connect with local library and obtain library card


And more! To find out how you can help please call Lina at Neighbourhood Link Support Services one of The Neighbourhood Group at 416-691-7407 or email her at


Please note: Volunteers may be required to undergo a Police check. Volunteers may be required for daytime, evening and weekend assignments.

You can find more information about the typical needs of a refugee family settling in Canada in the Lifeline Syria handbook. Download a PDF copy of the handbook


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