H&S proud to be supporting

Our students have some pretty exciting field trips and workshops in the works.  Home and School is proud that our fundraising initiatives can help subsidize the cost of of these programs for students and parents.  Here are some of the exciting trips & workshops

  • Grades 4s & 5s Attended the Toronto Symphony Orchestra



  • Kindies are going to the Young People’s Theatre 



One of the best ways for children to feel cherished and loved is to cozy up with a classic story! The Great Green Room appears before your eyes in this delightful family musical that stays true to the beloved book. Children and families can enjoy the surprise and joy of Bunny’s imaginative detours on the way to dreamland.

In this intimate production, everyone will revel with Bunny in the fun of jumping cows, dancing bears, the Cat and the Fiddle, and a room where every corner springs to animated life! Goodnight Moon is a truly timeless theatre experience for everyone to enjoy.


  • Grade 3’s are having an in-class Art Workshop led by the McMichael Gallery


The McMichael’s highly interactive programs are designed to advance students’ visual literacy, nurture higher-order thinking and communication skills, boost creativity, and get students excited! These innovative learning experiences can be applied across the curriculum and address the Ministry’s expectations for each grade level.

McMichael Art Educators and Studio Instructors excel at managing and accommodating individual learning styles while inspiring creativity. Their knowledge and teaching skills foster meaningful experiences that engage students and create lasting memories.


Explore the First Nations art here: http://www.mcmichael.com/collection/firstNations.cfm

Grade 2’s are headed to the Ontario Science Centre learning about Simple Machines


Simple Machines and Forces (1-3)

Start … Stop! Change direction! Increase your understanding of forces through experimentation with simple machines. Design a system of ramps to provide safe passage for a marble. Use friction, gravity, magnetism and air pressure to create controlled movement. Be amazed at the power of levers and watch a student lift their teacher off the ground.


Curriculum Connections:  specific expectations for Simple Machines and Forces

  • Movement ( 2 )
  • Forces Causing Movement ( 3 )


All Grades throughout the term will be attending Scientists in the School workshops


Various workshops are held depending on the the Grade level designed to enrich our curriculum


Here are some tips to help raise your own little scientists: http://www.scientistsinschool.ca/for-parents.php


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