Mini Maker Fest – Saturday April 9th


We Are All Makers

The 1st Annual McGregor Mini Maker Fest is happening!

Saturday, April 9

11am – 2pm


General Admission tickets $10/child …come and play with doodle bots, make your own mini LED light saber, learn about LEGO robotics clubs, design your own playground, and so much more!

Optional Workshop tickets up to $20/child …spend 60-90 minutes creating your own wooden race car, weaving a unique creation, or coding a robot! Workshops will be for a range of ages and prices will vary up to $20.

Tickets and Workshop Registration begins on Munchalunch starting March 18.  Workshop space is limited and will be open to McGregor students only until April 1.

And did we mention the pizza lunch??  Join the Pizza Pi fundraiser for McGregor Wired. Pre-order a pizza lunch and proceeds will help us add technology to the classroom!

If you are handy with a glue gun or want to reboot your crafty-gene, become a volunteer!  We would love to hear from you at

Brought to you by Home & School and SAC.

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