Free Evening Workshop – Body Image and Self Esteem

R.H. McGregor School Advisory Council and The National Eating Disorder Information Centre Present a Free Evening Workshop on Body Image and Self Esteem

When: Thursday May 26th, 2016, 7-9PMG

Where: R.H. McGregor Library (second floor)

Register at: Body Image and Self-Esteem Workshop for RH McGregor Parents – R.H. McGregor Public School SAC/Home and School


At the National Eating Disorder Information Centre, we know about the harmful effects that pressures on appearance and body-based bullying can have on young people. One in seven Canadian teens, and 40% of 11 and 12 year olds, are teased about their appearance, making body-based bullying the most common form of bullying in today’s schools. Poor body-image leads to individuals not voicing an opinion, avoiding academic, social and economic opportunities. How do influences from family, peers, and the media, including social media, increase or decrease negative body-image among youth? This workshop explores these many influences on self-esteem and body-image, and their impact on how young people navigate their worlds and their relationships. Through group activities, discussion, icebreakers and audio-visual tools, participants will learn engaging, interactive strategies to discuss the issues and to help increase resilience. We work to prevent and address body-based bullying while celebrating physical diversity.

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