Class Parents still needed



We still have a number of Class Parent positions available.

Class parents play an important role at RH McGregor, helping to support and build community within the classroom as well as foster communication between the classroom families, the classroom teacher(s) and the Parent and School Council (PSC).


If you are interested in volunteering as a class parent SIGN UP FOR CLASS PARENT HERE.

or email indicating your child’s teacher that you would like to volunteer.

Do you have suggestions for the role of class parent?  Please email and let us know.

 The following is a list of outstanding classrooms. 

Class # Teacher
Room 113 Ms. Christine Curran / Ms. Branka Subotic
Room 115 Ms. Janet Stables-Morrison / Ms. Radka Masleva
Room 202 Ms. Lauren Viner
Room 203 Mr. Franco Ricci
Room 204 Ms. Lisa Ramsvik
Room 205 Ms. Catherine Billings
Room 207 Ms. Jane Dickenson
Room 301 Ms. Margaret Kankis
Room 302 Ms. Stacey Reid
Room 305 Ms. Bessie Alikakis
Room 306 Ms. Kayla Jeanveau
Room 310 Ms. Janet Myers
Room 311 Ms. Pam Jen
Room 312 Ms. Pam Farrow
Room 314 Mr. Ray Hachey
Room 315 Ms. Michelle Longo
Room 318 Ms. Gaelan Varn
Room 319 Ms. Katherine Cook
 Chalet 1 Ms. Caroline Jalland
Chalet 2 Mr. Brian Rieper
Chalet 3 Ms. Holly Garbutt
Chalet 4 Ms. Alexandra Wilbiks

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