Volunteer today for the Fall Fair


We have 14 volunteers that have signed up for the fall fair.  We need about 70 volunteers to make the event a success.  Sign up today to make this great event a success.  Email mcgregor.matters@gmail.com

See below for a description of some of the volunteer positions that we have available.


Food Servers and BBQers – We need people to serve food at our BBQ station as well as popcorn machine and other food stations.  We also need people to cook hotdogs and hamburgs at our BBQs.  You can sign up for a few hours for for the entire day.

Bakers for our Bake Sale – If you can’t volunteer the day of the event, consider baking something for our bake sale.  Items can be dropped off the night before or the morning of and can be as simple as chocolate chip cookies, to whatever your baking capabilities can provide.  Items are packaged into small bags to be sold for 1 ticket ($1 value)


Cookies – 1 large, 2 medium or 3-4 small cookies per bag
Muffin – 1 large or 2 small per package
Brownies – 2 x 2 inches piece or 1 x 3 piece per package
Loaf – 1/2 to 3/4 inch slice per bag
Cupcake – 1 large or 2 small per package

Raffle & Auction organizers – Have a loud voice and like to use it?  We need someone to hold our auction and raffle off our great prizes.  Room for more than one person to help out!

Game supervisors – Manage a few volunteers to show and lead or organized games in the gym.  Have some game ideas?  We are always looking for fresh game ideas to appeal to all of our kids from JK – GR 5

Ticket collectors – If you have a few hours to spare, we need people to take tickets at all our stations to help speed up lines and keep accountable.  This is a really important  role without much experience needed.

Set up and or Take Down Crew – This position is ideal for people that only have a few hours to help out.  It involves setting up tents, tables and bringing out food to the various stations and at the end of the day, taking everything back inside.  We will have you working in pairs, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your back and needing strong muscles.

General Volunteer – If you aren’t sure what role you want to fill, we need general volunteers as well that can fill in in a pinch.

Cosburn kids – If you have a graduated RH student that is looking to volunteer we can find a position for you.

Please send us an email today at mcgregor.matters@gmail.com





4 thoughts on “Volunteer today for the Fall Fair

  1. Hey there,

    My husband and I put our names on the list at the BBQ, but didn’t receive a call or e-mail. Understandably, you are all very busy but one of us will make it to tonight’s meeting.

    We can provide items for silent auction, cupcakes for the bake sale and our time on the day. Tear down would be ideal please – so anytime from 2pm onward?

    I can dedicate my lunch hour to sourcing items for the silent auction – already I can guarantee Raptors tickets and a Universal Swag Bag with DVD’s and Secret Life of Pets goodies.




    • Hi Tamara,

      Thanks for volunteering. Our volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you soon if you didn’t’ get a chance to connect with somebody last night. Many of the roles through the PSC are new to people this year as many of our parents graduated with their kids moving onto Cosburn, so we are all learning the ropes.


  2. Hi!
    I’ll bake and I’d be happy to man the popcorn machine or collect tickets. I’m available from 10-1pm.
    Leela Ramiengar ( Iyla Lapointe’s mom)

    • Hi Leela,

      Thanks for volunteering. Our volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you shortly. It may take a day or two to respond as we are trying to coordinate many things for the fall-fair. If you do not hear back by the end of the week, can you please email mcgregor.matters@gmail.com. Thanks so much!



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