Community News

Community News

Our school is part of the TDSB Ward 15 family of schools and our local Trustee, Jennifer Story, hosts several Ward Council meetings each year.  These meetings often have guest speakers from the board/community groups and/or host a discussion topic.  A typical agenda and the list of meeting dates and topics are listed below. Trustee Story also publishes a newsletter.  To be added to the distribution list, follow the link below to her TDSB site.  While our Parent School Council Chairs try to attend as many Ward Council meetings as possible and report back to council, these meetings are open to the public so please feel free to attend if you have a question/concern or area of interest for the Trustee and/or Superintendents.  If you would like something raised at Ward Council or would like to request a topic, please e-mail our PSC at

Typical Ward Council Agenda:

Guest Speaker/Discussion Topic

Trustee Update

Superintendent Update

Parent Involvement and Advisory Committee Report (from Ward 15 PIAC parent volunteers)

French As a Second Language Advisory Committee Report from Ward 14 FSLAC parent volunteers)

School Council Updates (each school council represented at the meeting)

Other Business


2016/17 Ward Council Schedule (note this schedule can change if TDSB board meeting dates change, so its always best to check the trustee’s website prior to attending).

Nov 29th – Active Transport & Street Safety @ William Burgess Elementary School* (more details listed below)

Jan 26 – French Immersion @ Morse Street Jr Public School

Feb 27 – School Councils 101 @ Cosburn Middle School

Mar 27 – Indigenous Education @ Riverdale CI

April 27 – Facilities @ Chester Elementary School

May 30 – Fundraising @ Roden/Equinox


Trustee Jennifer Story – Ward 15

*November Ward Forum on November 29th. Someone from Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) will be speaking and answering questions.

Of particular interest to school communities would be TCAT’s recent document: Guide To Safer Streets Near Schools. I know this has been a topic of interest this past year for many school communities, and as the summary of the guide points out, it “brings together a number of policies from the City of Toronto that residents can use to request street improvements.”

You can download the guide ahead of the Ward Forum here if you were interested:

As a reminder, the next Ward Forum is taking place on Tuesday November 29th at William Burgess Elementary School at 7pm. Free childcare as always.

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