Pizza Lunch Co-ordinator Needed


Our pizza lunch is our school’s biggest fundraiser of the year and we need DESPERATELY  a pizza lunch coordinator to keep it going.  If you think you are interested please email  Below is a description of the opportunity.

Pizza Lunch Coordinating Description

For each Pizza Lunch there is about 3 hours of coordination that needs to be done in advance over Tuesday and Wednesday.

1.   On the Tuesday contact Karen and Gloria in the office and ask if there are any field trips on Thursday, that way you can plan to order less pizza.

2.  Go on to the Munchalunch system and obtain the reports.  You will need the student report, the item report, this is how you figure out how much pizza you need at each lunch this takes about 20 minutes to figure out.  Then you can call Pizza Pizza catering and place the orders for 11:15 and 12:05.  You also order the milk on Tuesday and it arrives all at once Thursday morning.

3.  Send Karen G in the office the Student report to print and ask her to make 2 copies, she will leave them in the PSC mail slot, you will need to go in and distribute to the teacher mailboxes, this takes about 10 minutes.  Give Karen the other copy for her to give to the lunch room staff.

4.  Make sure you know the amounts of the cheques for Pizza Pizza and Mr. Dairy and contact Karen O’Brien to have the cheques prepared and left in the office.

5.  On Tuesday or Wednesday go into the school and check out the supplies in the kitchen.  Call Karen O’Brien if anything is needed.  At that time drop off the extra paperwork in the kitchen.

6.  Email the day of supervisor and Karen O’Brien and confirm that the pizza and milk are ordered.

Then go drink some whiskey because you deserve it.

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