What a year! A special note from our PSC

RH McGregor community:

Tuesday we had our final PSC meeting for the year.  The purpose of this meeting was to review final fundraising tally for the year as well as finalize the allocation of those funds consistent with this years plan.

First, congratulations!  This year was a phenomenal success in fundraising, netting over $64,000 of funds to support our amazing school.  Thanks to everyone who made this year happen!!!

As per the plan established throughout the year, here is a summary of the spending allocations:

1.  School enrichment: 


A total of $22,500 is allocated towards school/classroom enrichment.  Just under $13,000 has been spent year-to-date on more than 60 in-class enrichment experiences (Scientist-in-the-School, Animals, Art)  as well as many classroom materials/projects in Art, Literacy, Numeracy and Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM).  Over 70% of the teachers have participated in the enrichment funds.  Teachers have an opportunity to spend remaining funds up to July 6th.  Any left over funds will be carried forward into next years PSC budget process.

2. Technology:  


The plan presented by the school asked for 70 Chromebooks to be primarily used by grades 3/4/5 costing $24,500.   This will give approx 1 laptop/3 junior students.  Since 2014, over $50,000 of fundraising has been applied to technology in the school in the form of IPADs for kindergarten (2014/2015) projectors for all classes (2015/2016) and now Chromebooks for the junior grades.  The school technology plan’s next priority areas include an additional tablet/laptop per classroom, 20 laptops for the library and then 1 tablet/4 primary students (approx 60 more tablets).

3. Music:


Just under $3500 is allocated to supplement the school instrumental program with 6 trumpets, 6 flutes and 3 trombones.

4. Grade 5 Grad 


The wonderfully dedicated team of grade 5 students, parents and teachers raised $5,200 which was applied to help subsidize the grade 5 grad trip.

5.  Reserve Fund

$4600 is reserved for start-up costs for next year.  This helps to fund the welcome back barbecue and other events early in the year which we have not yet fundraised for.


The remaining funds were allocated to item such as Gingerbread-decorating charity donation, EQAO snacks, Day-of-Pink T-Shirts, Graduation, McGregor Garden etc.

Looking forward to next year, key committee roles remain vacant.  Key roles include Fundraising Chair and Pizza Lunch Coordinator need to be filled in order to have a successful 2017/2018 year.  Anyone interested in becoming involved with the Parent and School Council should email mcgregor.matters@gmail.com

Many thanks to everyone for a very successful school year.  Enjoy the summer!

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