Executive roles with the PSC

At next Tuesday’s PSC meeting, we’ll vote in our executive. If you’re thinking about standing for election to the executive committee, here’s a bit more detail about what each role involves. (You can volunteer for any role, but we have special need for a treasurer this year.)

Council Co-Chairs/Vice Chairs:

  • Plan and organize council meetings
  • Propose agenda
  • Chair council meetings
  • Consult with Principal between council meetings as required
  • Understand and ensure council adheres to Ministry and TDSB guidelines and policies
  • Signatory on council banking, insurance and other required documentation
  • Completes, in consultation with council and school stakeholders, School Statement of Needs (SSON) documents
  • Council ambassador at school council events as much as possible
  • De-facto member of all council committees
  • Resource and support to council members, community, staff etc.
  • Liaise as necessary with TDSB (advisory committees of the board, Trustees, Superintendents etc)
  • May attend Ward Council meetings, council committee meetings etc.


  • Attends all PSC meetings, as well as all separate executive meetings
  • Helps co-chairs with smooth organization of meetings: setting and distributing agenda
  • Circulates relevant documents before meetings
  • Transcribes meetings and maintains minutes
  • Distributes minutes following meetings


  • Maintains school funds accounts
  • Oversees the budget drafting process
  • Ensures money handling procedures are followed
  • Understands ministry and board requirements
  • Makes deposits and generates floats for events
  • Consults with colleagues regarding funds-related issues

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