Non-Executive Roles

This part of the PSC can change from year to year. There’s wiggle room for new ideas in all of these roles: new fundraising ventures, new community-building events, whole new committees for new ideas (there’s talk of developing a STEM committee…). Maybe you have a suggestion? Bring it to the PSC meeting tomorrow!

Fundraising Chair

In collaboration with the Principal and PSC exec, the Fundraising Chair:

  • Manages initiatives and events to raise funds for the school.  All activities need the approval of the PSC and the Principal
  • Reports to the Treasurer on all expenditures and maintains the approved budget for events, such as Fun Fairs and Movie Nights
  • Helps manage the Pizza Lunches to ensure smooth operation
  • Encourages parent engagement and a sense of community so all feel welcome to participate

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruits and maintains network of volunteers
  • Works with various event/initiative organizers to schedule volunteers

Garden/Outdoor Education committee

  • Maintains McGregor’s container vegetable gardens–water and weeding when necessary, soil amendments annually, etc.
  • With maintenance staff, manages infrastructure such as rain barrels, hoses
  • Coordinates with teachers to start seeds for the gardens
  • Organizes the Plant Swap in May
  • Recruits and supports families who adopt the gardens over the summer

Grade 5 Graduation Committee

  • Organizes events such as Parents’ Night Out to fundraise for Grade 5 trip/graduation night
  • Organizes food, decorations for Grade 5 graduation

Parent Conference Committee

  • With the co-chairs, identifies a potential speaker
  • Manages booking, room setup, and coffee/snacks for event, typically held on a Saturday morning

Teacher/Student Appreciation Committee

  • Organizes teacher appreciation lunch
  • Plans for and buys snacks for Grade 3 students during EQAO testing
  • Plans for and buys freezies for Play Day at the end of the school year

Communications Committee

  • Oversees communications between PSC and school community
  • Maintains website, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Includes Head Class Parent, who liaises with class parents


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