All About the Parent & School Council (PSC)

R.H. McGregor’s PSC is made up of parents like you:

  • financially supporting school activities, such as field trips, guest speakers, Scientists in School, and safety workshops.
  • working with the school to promote physical fitness and good nutrition.
  • promoting positive initiatives in the school like litterless lunch, recess revival programs, and schoolyard greening projects.
  • fundraising to support the many activities, programs, and initiatives that enrich the life, learning and school experience for our children.
  • liaising with School Administration to address parent issues and concerns and work with Administration and Staff on initiatives.


Fundraising is an important activity at McGregor and requires the efforts of all members of the community. The funds we raise allow our teachers to plan programs that will enrich and enhance the TDSB’s curriculum.  For more information about where Home & School fundraising monies are spent, please don’t hesitate to come to a meeting, check in with a class parent, or contact one of our executive members.

Throughout the school year, the PSC organizes and hosts a number of fundraising activities. To do this, we always need extra volunteer assistance–from planning through to cleanup. These activities include, but may not be limited to:

  • Fall Fair
  • Maker Fest
  • Spring Fair
  • Pizza Lunches
  • Movie Nights
  • and more! If you have ideas and energy to contribute, we’re always open to trying something new.

Fundraising Policies and Procedures

For further information on the Toronto District School Board’s policies and procedures for school fundraising, please refer to the TDSB’s Fundraising Guide.

Your Parent & School Council 2017-2018

Chair – Cameron McAlpine (profile coming soon!)

Co-Vice-Chair:  Sarah Smithsarah_pic Mom of 2 RH students in FI grades 3 and 5; Ward 15 rep at FSLAC, Council co-chair since 2014 and kindergarten classroom volunteer since 2012 – volunteering in the school and with fellow parents is the best part of every week!

Co-Vice-Chair: Amanda Grant (profile coming soon!)


Co-Treasurer: Cindy Patrino

Cindy_picMom of 2 RH students in SK and grade 3.  Volunteering with the school has helped me connect with other great families and helps enrich the RHM experience for all students and families.

Co-Treasurer: Kate Leushen-Millar

kate_picRH mother with two girls, one in FI grade 2 and one alumna. I joined the parent council initially because I thought everyone did! What I found was an amazing group of parents dedicated to improving the school in fun and generous ways.



Co-Secretary: Karen O’Brien

Karen_picI have a daughter in grade 5 and got involved with PSC as soon as Lucy started JK! I started by planning the raffle and silent auctions then moved on to joining formally as Member-at-Large. Lucy tells me the fundraising activities don’t seem like work because I’m always laughing so much!

Co-Secretary: Suzanne Phillips (profile coming soon!)


Nicole Barnett

snip20170115_1Parent of a 4th grader in French Immersion.  I joined the PSC (Previously SAC) when my son was in SK so that I could better understand what was happening at RH. I’ve been working with incredible parents ever since!



Glen Bastedo (profile coming soon!)

Sandy Choe

RH parent to a 2nd grader and alumna! I volunteer as I know how much help is needed and my children love it.  It’s also a great way to meet amazing people!



Julia Flaherty

I am a mum to 2 children at RH (one in grade 1 and another in grade 4).  Being part of the PSC (formerly Home and School) has been a great way to meet other parents and feel connected to the school which my children attend every day. Volunteering makes them proud and makes me feel involved.

Caroline Wai 

Mom of two boys in FI Grade 5 and JK. I’ve always volunteered in my older son’s classes but it’s my first year on PSC. Looking forward to learning more about the school and ways I can contribute to the school community.

Voula Themeliopoulos


RHM mom of 3. I have been on the parent committee for 4 years now and looking forward to this school year participating in many fundraising events. I’ve been in the financial industry for over 15 years and can add value to the fundraising efforts that help support teachers and students at the school.



Heather Bean


My daughter is in Grade 3 and my son is in grade 1 at RH, and I’m a schoolyard regular. After working in the school garden and generally volunteering since my daughter was in kindergarten, I joined the PSC last year to learn more about the workings of McGregor and to help out the amazing parents who have been keeping the PSC afloat.


Alexandra Taman (profile coming soon!)
Andrea Keech (profile coming soon!)
Aniska Ali (profile coming soon!)
Jane Duffy (profile coming soon!)
Jennifer Levy (profile coming soon!)
Louise Plunkett (profile coming soon!)
Melanie Simons (profile coming soon!)
Melissa Likely (profile coming soon!)
Michael MacLean (profile coming soon!)
Shaindy Alexander (profile coming soon!)
Tamara Shannon (profile coming soon!)
Terry Turner (profile coming soon!)
Tim Au-Yeung (profile coming soon!)

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