Parents: we want to hear from you!

In order to continuously improve the R.H. McGregor community and school, the Parent & School Council (PSC) would like your input on what’s great about our children’s school, where there are areas of opportunity and where the PSC might invest time and resources this year. 

Please take a few minutes and provide us your feedback through the PSC survey 

The survey will remain open until 7:00 PM on Monday, November 13th, 2017.

At R.H. McGregor the PSC is active in both advocacy and fundraising. We are conducting this survey in order to best represent the views of parents as we decide how to invest time and resources.

Key Volunteer Positions are Open


Last school year our Parent & School Council raised just over $65,000 which went to school enrichment, technology, our music program, graduation trips and other curriculum enhancing events.  It was a great year thanks to all those that volunteered.

For the 2017/2018 school year we have a number of key volunteer positions which are now vacant as parents and their children have moved on.  If these positions are not filled, our children enrichment funds will be limited.  We will not be able to raise anywhere near this amount of money and our children will not receive the same level of enrichment they have received.

If you are a new parent or a parent that’s been here for a few years, think about volunteering with us this year.  Here are a few positions that are available.  Email if you are interested.

Pizza Lunch Co-ordinator – Front Line & Back Office ( 2 positions available) – Impact to our school – Without these vital roles we are in danger of losing approximately $17,500 of fundraising dollars. 

What these volunteer positions entail:

Pizza Lunch Co-ordinator – Front Line


We need someone to manage and coordinator our pizza lunch volunteers and oversee the pizza lunch once a month at the school.  This requires being at the school from approximately 10am- 1pm the day of the pizza lunch(typical Thursdays) and assembling plates, napkins and milk containers.  It will involve organizing our pizza lunch volunteers(many of who are veterans) and ensuring the smooth delivery of pizza to all students, ensuring settlement of the pizza order dollars and some cleanup.

This position is great for an organized self-starter that likes seeing a direct impact with happily fed children.

We have one pizza lunch coordinator who has agreed to manage lunches once a month, however we need a second coordinator or we will jeopardize $17,500 for our children

Pizza Lunch Administrator – Back Office


We need someone to manage our Muncha-Lunch online ordering website, setup pizza sessions, event dates and menus.  You will assist parents and teachers in placing, cancelling or changing orders.  It will also involve calculating pizza, milk and juice amounts, placing the pizza and milk orders with our suppliers and printing out pizza lists and reports to provide to the teachers and school staff.    This will take approximately 3-4 hours once a month.  We have one administrator that can handle orders for once a month, however we need a second administrator.

This position is great for the parent which works during the day and can’t often volunteer during the day.  It is also a behind the scenes position which requires very little face time.  If you would like to contribute in a huge way to our school, but aren’t comfortable in front of large groups of people, this is an ideal position for you to get involved and make a HUGE difference.

Fundraising Chair


The Fundraising Chair along with the fundraising committee will be responsible for fundraising which includes oversight of the pizza lunches, school fairs, movie nights and other fundraising initiatives  The committee shall have the authority and the responsibility to formulate and make recommendations to the PSC general membership on issues covering fundraising, annual plan about how much money will be raised and how this money will be spent e.g. field trips, technology etc.



We require an individual to oversee our general financial abilities, develop a budget under the guidance of the PSC, maintain appropriate bookkeeping, banking and bookkeeping records and responsible for financial reporting on an annual basis.  This position should have some experience in an accounting or financial literacy.  The position requires more significant level of involvement while the budget is being developed but requires an ongoing role throughout the school year as funds as required to be disbursed and accounted for.  The position is also a voting member on the PSC which allows for contributions on non-financial matters in various aspects on the council.

This position is great for somebody with an accounting or financial background who has the ability to work independently and collaboratively with others.  Key skills include financial spreadsheets, accounting systems and administering cheques and bank runs for key fundraising events.

Other Positions – We are always looking for volunteers for all events on an ongoing basis.  Not sure how you can be involved.  Send us an email and we can offer some suggestions.

Email us













First Day Back – Coffee break for Parents/Caregivers

Join us if you are a new parent to RH McGregor and feeling a little emotional about seeing your “wee one” of to their first day of school, or wanting to meet some new friends.   Returning parents should stop by and reminisce about your summer and celebrate the kids are back at school.






Learn about all the great programs/events and volunteer opportunities  the Parent & School Council has in-store for the upcoming school year.

**Parents/caregivers only, please.  Please leave the students with their teachers first before joining us***

What a year! A special note from our PSC

RH McGregor community:

Tuesday we had our final PSC meeting for the year.  The purpose of this meeting was to review final fundraising tally for the year as well as finalize the allocation of those funds consistent with this years plan.

First, congratulations!  This year was a phenomenal success in fundraising, netting over $64,000 of funds to support our amazing school.  Thanks to everyone who made this year happen!!!

As per the plan established throughout the year, here is a summary of the spending allocations:

1.  School enrichment: 


A total of $22,500 is allocated towards school/classroom enrichment.  Just under $13,000 has been spent year-to-date on more than 60 in-class enrichment experiences (Scientist-in-the-School, Animals, Art)  as well as many classroom materials/projects in Art, Literacy, Numeracy and Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM).  Over 70% of the teachers have participated in the enrichment funds.  Teachers have an opportunity to spend remaining funds up to July 6th.  Any left over funds will be carried forward into next years PSC budget process.

2. Technology:  


The plan presented by the school asked for 70 Chromebooks to be primarily used by grades 3/4/5 costing $24,500.   This will give approx 1 laptop/3 junior students.  Since 2014, over $50,000 of fundraising has been applied to technology in the school in the form of IPADs for kindergarten (2014/2015) projectors for all classes (2015/2016) and now Chromebooks for the junior grades.  The school technology plan’s next priority areas include an additional tablet/laptop per classroom, 20 laptops for the library and then 1 tablet/4 primary students (approx 60 more tablets).

3. Music:


Just under $3500 is allocated to supplement the school instrumental program with 6 trumpets, 6 flutes and 3 trombones.

4. Grade 5 Grad 


The wonderfully dedicated team of grade 5 students, parents and teachers raised $5,200 which was applied to help subsidize the grade 5 grad trip.

5.  Reserve Fund

$4600 is reserved for start-up costs for next year.  This helps to fund the welcome back barbecue and other events early in the year which we have not yet fundraised for.


The remaining funds were allocated to item such as Gingerbread-decorating charity donation, EQAO snacks, Day-of-Pink T-Shirts, Graduation, McGregor Garden etc.

Looking forward to next year, key committee roles remain vacant.  Key roles include Fundraising Chair and Pizza Lunch Coordinator need to be filled in order to have a successful 2017/2018 year.  Anyone interested in becoming involved with the Parent and School Council should email

Many thanks to everyone for a very successful school year.  Enjoy the summer!

New Ukulele Program for Students entering Grade 4 in September

Parents of grade 3s going into grade 4 at RH McGregor next fall,
Last week we sent home a registration form with the Grade 3 students for an exciting ukulele music program for kids coming into our school, called “U School”. This is an extra curricular, non profit, subsidized program, run by Juno Award-winning music artist Melanie Doane, taught by herself and a her bank of teachers teaching her ukulele method. The program starts with grade 4 students, and moves on from there. There are 15 spots open in total. If you didn’t get a form, please ask at the office, or email the PSC (Parent Student Council) at and request one. Registrations need to be in by the end of this school year.
For more information about Uschool see here:
A form is also attached here:  Beginner Ukulele registration R.H.(1)
Full details:

Beginner Ukulele registration at R.H. McGregor
This exciting subsidized program will be offered to Grade 4’s and 5’s for the 2017/18 school year.

“The ukulele is an ideal tool for delivering music education. Note reading, melody, rhythm and harmony all on one affordable and fun instrument. I grew up with this program in the Halifax school board and I am the musician I am today because of how it shaped my musical education.” – Melanie Doane

Melanie Doane will be overseeing the program that will begin in fall 2017. See Melanie at discussing this music method and charitable organization.

• The program will run for the entire school year, every Wednesday after school
• The cost of the program for the full year is $240.00 (this is a subsidized rate)
• This will include school concerts, online review and the Uke Day event
• Start date, first week of Oct

Students are required to purchase a ukulele that they will bring to class and practice with at home. The cost is $65 for the uke and soft case. For the best price and quality, ukuleles will be ordered together by the school from Empire Music ( These student soprano models have proven to be the best sound for the lowest price. 
*** Students are encouraged to purchase a good ukulele through the class order because this is a fun and serious educational program that requires a proper instrument for success.

If you already have your own ukulele, it must be approved first by Melanie at registration time. Purchasing along with the class is the easiest route for parents and is recommended. Finding a uke on your own, if yours is not acceptable, can become more expensive.

Ukulele brands not recommended: Mahalo, Beaver Creek, Diamond Head and Denver brand ukes.

Parents are expected to support weekly practice and must accept this responsibility if their child becomes a participant. Melanie provides video assistance for parents in regards to tuning and practicing at home.


ALL REGISTRATION WILL BE first come first served directly with Melanie Doane

15 spots available

To request and secure a spot for your child, please email:

Once you’ve had email contact with Melanie directly, further instructions will be given.


Movie Night – June 16th and Last PSC meeting of the year


MOVIE NIGHT – JUNE 16TH 3:30 – 5:30

Don’t miss our final movie night of the year.  Tickets are available on muncha lunch.  $5 per ticket, $5 pizza combo and $1 for popcorn.

JK/SK parents must be accompanied by a guardian.


We will have our final meeting for the year on Tuesday June 20th at 7pm in the Library.  Childcare will be provided.  This meeting is very crucial as we will be confirming the allocation of our fundraising dollars.   Hope to see you there.  If you are not able to attend the meeting we will submit an end of year report shortly after the meeting.


Spring Fair – May 27th 11am-3pm

Our Spring Fair is coming up on Saturday May 27th!  There will be lots of activities including 4 Bouncy Castles… The Fire Truck, Backyard Obstacle Course, Climb and Slide, and Barn. We will also have a Dunk Tank and kindergarten “Dino Dig” in the kindergarten play area. Of course no fair is complete without Food, Cotton Candy, and Popcorn!  Look for Fire Trucks, Police Cars and more…And for the adults… a Coffee Station and Parent Relax Station!

Tickets are on sale on munchalunch.  We will be selling tickets, but also all day wristbands… $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

The all day wristbands will get you unlimited access to activities; excluding food, popcorn, cotton candy and the dunk tank.

If you can volunteer, make a donation, or would like to sponsor an event please email Popi Caravasilis at  or  Thank you!

SpringFair .jpeg

Maker Fest – Saturday April 29th 11:00-2:00

A big thanks for our sponsors to help make this Saturday’s maker fest a great event

Home Depot on Curity for donating birdhouses & Home Depot in Leaside for general donations.

Kevin Smith Homes – birdhouses tool, kits and facilitation


DeSerres Danforth- various art supplies and materials

Tél.: 416.422.2443

1556 Danforth Avenue Toronto ON M4J 1N4


Cyclepath on the Danforth


1520 Danforth Ave.(just west of Coxwell)
Toronto, Ontario
M4J 1N4
Telephone:(416) 463-5346
Fax:(416) 406-5232