Fundraising Events


Fundraising is an important activity at McGregor and requires the efforts of all members of the community. Funds raised through the various fundraising events provide the staff with the opportunity to plan programs that will enrich and enhance the curriculum that is delivered to the students.  For more information about where Home & School fundraising monies are spent, please come to a  meeting or contact the one of our executive members.



 Welcome Back Party- Thursday September 17th 3:30pm-6pm Light refreshments served, come out and meet your SAC and Home and School Committees 

Parents’ Night Out  – November (TBA  – soon) at Remarks 8pm

Fall Fair- Saturday October 24th 10am-2pm A great event for the whole family, takes place rain or shine.

Movie Night– November 19

Gingerbread Decorating Party–  Friday December 11th 3:30pm-6pm Our Outreach event, all money raised goes to a local charity.

Movie Night– February 24

March Madness– Saturday April 1st – A super fun parent only event!  Location Remarks – Coxwell Avenue

Maker Fest – April 29th 11am-2pm

McGregor May Fair– Saturday May 27th 11am-3pm

Movie Night– June 16th 3:30

McGregor Wired

McGregor Wired

McGregor Wired is a targeted technology fundraising campaign aimed at improving technology use at R.H. McGregor. The fundraising campaign supports the school’s information technology improvement plan and is fully aligned with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) action plan on technology

Gift Card Fundraising via FundScrip


Fundscrip allows you to buy gift cards for some of your favourite retailers while earning our school 3 to 7% commission with each order. And it’s not just for gifts. You can buy your weekly groceries, or purchase anything from a dinner out, to clothing! Browse through the 180 retailers on their website at WWW.FUNDSCRIP.COM then click “Sign Up” . Don’t forget our invitation code: REDEWX

Lovable Labels

Lovable Labels

Tired of looking for misplaced shoes and clothing? Shocked by the size of lost and found pile at school and daycare? Buying labels is an investment that will help ensure that your children’s belongings, old and new, don’t get lost or confused with someone else’s. Lovable Labels are also great for labeling your children’s sports equipment, toys, dance outfits….and much much more!!
If your children can lose it, you can label it!

Lovable Labels provides parents with an easy way to buy quality personalized labels for your children’s belongings….and the best part is you will be supporting our school too! We will receive 20% of all orders placed through our fundraising website!

Mabel’s Labels


Mabel’s Labels is another label supplier which  We will receive 20% of all orders placed through our fundraising website!  Don’t forget to select our school from the drop down menu when using the link above.


Fundraising Policies and Procedures

For further information on the Toronto District School Board’s policies and procedures for school fundraising, please refer to the TDSB’s FUndraising Guide, which can be accessed through the link below: siteid=194&menuid=23254&pageid=20155

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