Fundscrip Instructions

The Gift Card Fundraiser – Help Raise money towards Technology at RH McGregor


RH McGregor uses Fundscrip which allow parents and teachers and families to buy gift cards for gifts or their personal use. Every time parents and teachers buy gift cards, the school earns on average between 3-5%. Every $1 you spend on a gift card, you receive the same amount in a gift card. In other words, a $100 gift card costs $100. It’s that simple.

Gift cards make a great gift for teachers and loved ones, but this isn’t the only way you can make a difference. You and your family can purchase gift cards for every day use. Consider buying gift cards for your family grocery purchases. On average, families spend $200 a week in groceries. On a monthly basis, if you were to buy groceries with gift cards, you would be earning RH McGregor $24 a month. Seems too complicated? It’s really not.

Click here for step by step instructions:  Fundscrip Instructions

Quick Links:

  • Go to and click Support a Group
  • Enter the invitation code: REDEWX along with your name, email address, postal code and number and click Support a Group

Still have questions? Email and we can help you out and address any questions you have.

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