New Parents

rhm playground2

Welcome to R.H. McGregor!  Here are some things that you should know about our Parent and School Council.

Kindergarten:  Here’s a comprehensive guide for new parents whose kids are entering kindergarten at RHM:



Pizza Lunches

Pizza Lunches at RHM are held monthly throughout the year. Pizza Lunches are one of our biggest fundraising initiatives. All students are eligible to participate. JK/SK students have their pizza in their classrooms.  Grades 1-5 will eat in the gym. All pizza lunch orders must be placed through our online ordering system, As a new parent, you must open a family account before you can place an order.  Click here to start this process.

We advise you to register for Munchalunch even if you don’t plan to participate in pizza lunches, as we use Munchalunch to manage and sell tickets for all fundraising events throughout the year.

Fundraising Events and Volunteer Opportunities

We have a great, active parent community, and there are many ways to get involved in our fundraising initiatives. Helping out is a great way to meet other families and get to know your school.

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