Volunteering at RH


Volunteering at school is one of the best ways to get involved with your kids’ lives. The success of our Fundraising Events is completely dependent on the availability and dedication of Parent Volunteers.

Not sure what you could contribute or what you need to know?  Sarah Smith has put together this comprehensive handbook containing all the information you need to know about volunteering! We will be updating it but it still contains valuable information! Check it out here:

RH McGregorVolunteerHandbook_Final_March2015

Volunteering Forms

Here are the forms to help you get volunteering



Click this button to get started today:


Examples of Volunteer Positions

Here are just a few of the volunteer opportunities we have:

Class Parent Rep

Get to know your child’s teacher, the other children in your child’s class, and their parents by becoming a class parent rep.  You will be a liaison between your child’s class and the Home & School Association, communicating with the parents about upcoming events.  You will also put together a list of parent email contacts.  Sign up details will follow in September 2015

Done in a Day

Over the course of the school year, there are a number of volunteer opportunities which are one-off in nature, typically have little or no advance preparation and can be done in as little as two hours.  Some examples of “done in a day” tasks are: popping popcorn the night before Movie Night, bundling tickets for one of our fairs, coming in to clean up after an event, printing posters and plastering the school for an event.

Pizza Lunch Program

Pizza Lunches at RHM are held every second Friday (sometimes on Thursdays) throughout the year.  Pizza Lunches are one of our biggest fundraising initiatives.  All students are eligible to participate.

To volunteer for Pizza Lunch, please click on the “Volunteer” Tab in Munchalunch.com and select the dates for which you are available and the pizza lunch  co-ordinator will contact you.  Any questions can be directed to pizzalunch@hotmail.ca.

Fall Fair and Spring County Fair

Join the committee and help plan our very popular Fall Fair  and Spring County Fair. These fairs are incredible community events that bring together RHM families with games, food, prizes, music and more.

Movie Nights

We host 2 movie nights a year. It’s a fun way for the kids to get together plus it gives mom and dad a little break too!

March Madness

A parent’s night out fundraiser held at a local East York restaurant, including silent auctions, music, fun and food.

Parent Conference

Every year, the Home and School Association, along with the school and SAC, hosts a Parent Conference where we invite a renowned parenting expert to come in and speak to the RHM parent community.

 McGregor Garden

Activities happen all year round in our garden. We can use you in the garden! Throughout the year we’re looking for some volunteers to help:

  • Afterschool or on weekends on the school ground to maintain and improve the garden through planting, garden maintenance and improving the garden area. This year we will be building a building a mini-poly tunnel. Work parties are social and fun; come out and learn about gardening!
  • During school hours work with Andrea to support Grade 3 activities in the garden. Activities include starting plants inside, planting the garden and harvesting. This fall we are harvesting potatoes and kale and planting garlic.
  • During school events volunteer for shifts at our garden tables to promote gardening through seed and plant exchanges.
  • From your home volunteers can work to apply for grants to keep improving our garden.
  • During the summer your family can adopt our garden for a week, so when the students return in September the garden is flourishing.
  • Initiate some new and exciting projects for our schoolyard, like bird nest boxes, bat boxes, and pollinator habitat

Email mcgregorgarden@gmail.com for more info.

If you still aren`t sure how you can  help up, please contact us.  From photography, to marketing, fundraising to administrative work we will most certainly have an opportunity for you


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