Class Parents

Class parents play an important role at RH McGregor, helping to support and build community within the classroom as well as foster communication between the classroom families, the classroom teacher(s) and the Parent and School Council (PSC).

Each class has at least one (1) parent.  This role can be shared among several parents or guardians from a class.
Class Parent responsibilities include:

  • Encourage volunteers from within the class for both school-wide and classroom activities
  • Keep the lines of communication open between the parents and the Parent and School Council by disseminating information about upcoming school programmes and events and providing PSC feedback from parents as they receive it.
  • Classroom Events/Communications: Class parents will need to coordinate with the classroom teacher(s) to determine the need for specific in-classroom activities and/or communications.  Some teachers may want more assistance and others less.

If you are interested in this position, we are counting on you to:

  • Attend the orientation session in September to meet with Class Parents and PSC members
  • Check your emails regularly
  • Send out communications from Teachers, the school and PSC in a timely manner
  • Assist with facilitating responses to questions, concerns and suggestions from parents and directing to the appropriate resource (teacher, admin, PSC).  If you do not know the answer, please forward to and we will work to get an answer for you
  • Contacting parents about volunteer opportunities, and interacting regularly with teachers about events associated with the PSC.

PSC Meetings
While minutes and a summary will be made available, class parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend PSC meetings with the first meeting being held in September, 2017– All meetings begin at 7pm and are held in the Library at the school.

*THE PSC sets its dates at the first September meeting. To join look for a sign-up sheet which goes home to first week of school.  The first General Meeting occurs in October–for upcoming meetings please CHECK THE MINUTES or email us at


If you are interested in volunteering as a class parent SIGN UP FOR CLASS PARENT HERE.

or email indicating your child’s teacher that you would like to volunteer.

Do you have suggestions for the role of class parent?  Please email and let us know.


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