Food drive reminder…

…just a reminder that tomorrow’s Pizza Lunch is also a food drive! Volunteers will collect any non-perishable food items your kids bring to the lunchroom. You don’t have to be eating pizza to take part.

And, bonus, tomorrow you can outsource your after-school snack as well: the Grade 5 Fundraising Committee has a few more holiday cookies to sell!  Look for them tomorrow outside Chalet 1–cookies are $2 (and they’re pretty big).

A simple fundraiser with huge potential for your child’s classroom…

Did you know that McGregor has an ongoing fundraising program that’s simple, doesn’t require extra volunteer hours, and doesn’t mean taking time off work or out of your busy weekend? Schools and other groups across Canada have each raised tens of thousands of dollars through it.

Fundscrip is a gift-card based fundraiser with a list of 240 participating major retailers of goods, groceries, and gas: the Gap, Home Depot, Staples,, Esso, Indigo…you can browse it here. How it works: You buy a gift card for, say, $100 through Fundscrip. You get the FULL VALUE of that card–you don’t lose any money at all. It functions the same way any other gift card would. The retailer donates anywhere from 2-8% of the card’s value to R.H. McGregor.

That’s it.

Gift cards make great gifts, of course.

But we’d reach a whole new level of fundraising if parents (and maybe even extended family members) built Fundscrip into their everyday shopping habits. Your daily latte, or your weekly groceries, or your kitchen reno could help fund your child’s classroom at no cost to you.

Place your order online, the cards will arrive in the mail, and you can just slip them into your wallet for the next trip to the gas station or the grocery store. Or even easier, buy instant virtual cards to use in online ordering.

To get started:

  • Go to and click ‘Support a Group’ in the top right corner
  • Enter the invitation code: REDEWX along with your name, email address, postal code and phone number
  • That’s it! Buy your cards!

If you make a habit of using Fundscrip for household (or small business) purchases, together we can generate a surprising amount of revenue for the school. Our school uses fundraising money for major purchases like Chromebooks and other in-class technology, musical instruments, and a wide range of other classroom materials and experiences. Give it a try and help make your child’s school the best it can be!

Labels are the golden ticket out of the lost & found pile

Our lost & found pile is…impressive these days. Karen in the office tells me that a heroic parent is sorting through that pile and sending labeled lost items to the right classrooms. (If that’s you–you’re amazing! Give us a wave in the comments so we can all applaud.)

And, hint hint, a reminder that R.H. has fundraisers with Mabel’s Labels–click here to reach our fundraising page–and with Loveable Labels–found here.


Next Pizza Lunch is Nov. 30

A reminder that our next pizza lunch is Thursday, November 30.

And on the topic of pizza lunch–did you know that Pizza Pizza uses a special recipe for school lunch delivery to comply with Ontario’s School Food and Beverage Policy? If your children tell you pizza lunch pizza is different, they’re right!

Parents: we want to hear from you!

In order to continuously improve the R.H. McGregor community and school, the Parent & School Council (PSC) would like your input on what’s great about our children’s school, where there are areas of opportunity and where the PSC might invest time and resources this year. 

Please take a few minutes and provide us your feedback through the PSC survey 

The survey will remain open until 7:00 PM on Monday, November 13th, 2017.

At R.H. McGregor the PSC is active in both advocacy and fundraising. We are conducting this survey in order to best represent the views of parents as we decide how to invest time and resources.

PSC meeting tomorrow & agenda

A reminder that tomorrow is the PSC’s next meeting: 7 p.m. in the library. Have a look at some of the issues we’ll be discussing:



– Welcome/Introductions and Introduction of Executive Members

– Approval of Agenda 

– Approval of last meeting’s minutes

– Overview of Existing Committee Structure

7:10-7:30 Principal’s Update

7:20-7:30: Teacher’s Update

7:30-7:40: Fall Fair Report

7:40-8:30: Discussion items

a. TDSB Enhancing Equity Task Force Draft Recommendations: 

b. Refillable Water Stations Program 

c. Books for Birthdays Program  

d. Outdoor Play & Learning Program for Schools (Earth Day Canada)

8:30-8:45 – Other Business


Next PSC Meeting Thursday, Nov. 2

Our next Parent Council meeting is Thursday, November 2 at 7 p.m. in the library (next week). Everyone is welcome to attend–you don’t have to be a voting member to come out. It’s worth attending at least one of these meetings in the course of the year–you’ll learn a lot about the workings of your child’s school. Hope to see you there!