Get Involved!

Wondering how you can help or become involved with McGregor Wired?


  • You can make a difference through donations. If you donate $25 or more you’ll a get a charitable tax receipt from the TDSB. You can make a tax deductible donation to McGregor Wired by sending cash or writing a cheque to TDSB – RH McGregor noting it is for the “Wired” campaign. Be sure to put your address on the envelope for the tax receipt. You can drop it off at the school office.
  • Another way to support the campaign is to have your children attend movie nights and participate in other McGregor Wired events. And watch out for March madness in 2016!


  • Support our Gift Card Fundraiser.  We have also put together a fundraiser using gift cards.  It is very easy…simply buy gift cards to your favourite stores and then use the gift cards when purchasing merchandise.  A percentage of your purchase will come back to RH. The information can be found at .   The group invitation code is REDEWX.   This is a great way to both thank your teachers at year end and give back to the school!
  • We also welcome you getting involved! We need parents with technology expertise, fundraising experience, grant writing and advocacy skills.
  • Let us know if your workplace has a program that provides matching donations or technology grants.


Connect with Us

Please email us at and follow us on Twitter @McGregorWired.

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