Tech Priorities

We have identified the following technology priorities and goals for our school

  •  1 tablet per kindergarten class
  •  1 laptop per kindergarten teacher
  • 1 projector per class
  • 1 laptop for every 2 junior students (Grade 4s & 5s)
  • 1 tablet for every 3 primary students (Grade 1 – 3s)

How will this technology be used in our classrooms?

Kindergarten ipads will help enhance literacy and numeracy centres while the laptops support FDK inquiry based learning with technology.  It will help enhance communication with parents, the parent school council and assist with webinars and professional development so that our teachers have the tools they need.

Projectors have become key teaching tools.  Notebooks, tablets and other document cameras can be hooked up to the projector to have a more interactive learning experience for the students.  Having a projector in every classroom will not only be more interactive, it will greatly reduce our printing costs at the school.  It leads to a paperless environment, which is not only friendly to the environment, but could save the school up to $15,000 in reduced printing costs.  These funds can then be redirected to future technology purchases such as notebooks.

Notebooks to be used by the junior students will help initiate inquiry based learning and give them the skills needed to transition to middle school where so much learning is on technology such as google docs and a computer based environment.

Tablets for the primary students will be used a curriculum enhancement for all subjects at both a group and individual work level.

What technology do we current have & our technology gap?

What we currently Have

  • 8 tablets for the Kindergarten class
  • 8 laptops for Kindergarten teachers
  • 8 projectors for our 36 classes
  • 20 Ipads for our primary students

Gap to meet our priorities

  • 28 projectors
  • 100 Notebooks
  • 100Tablets

This comes at an approximate cost of $100,000.


In 2014/2015 through home and school and direct donations we raised approximately $13,000 which was used to purchase 20 ipads and a charging cart.  For 2015/2016 Home and School will be contributing $13,000 towards the purchase of projectors and chromebooks.  The school administration will also be purchasing 20 Chromebooks for the library.